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Flirting by Sweetbriar42 Flirting by Sweetbriar42


Crystal Gaze shuffled about, straightening things in her shop, anally cleaning every nook and cranny, when she heard the bell at her front door tinkle.

"I'll be right with you!" She called, scrubbing vigorously and angrily at a little stubborn spot on her counter. "!" She hissed through her slightly pointed teeth.

"Is...this a bad time?" A calm, cool, handsome, and familiar voice said from behind her. She stopped her scouring of her store, and whirled around to see Stargazer standing behind her, bold as brass, smiling his adorable crooked smile.

"Y-y-y-yo-yo-your ma-majesty...!" She gasped, brilliantly red with embarrassment, and quickly bowed. "I-I-I'm so-so-so s-s-so-sorry! I-i-if I had known-..."

He held up a hand, smiling softly, to calm her. "It's alright, you don't need to do anything special or grand just for me. That's the last thing I wanted..." He said, smiling softly. "I came to talk to you, not be flaunted on."

She blinked, and glanced at the wide open windows at the front of her store. "I-if I may, sire-..."

"Stargazer, please."

"Right...Stargazer. How did you get here, without anyone following you...?" She asked, curiously.

His crooked smile grew. "Public disguise spell. Whenever anyone else looks at me, I won't look like the prince."

She blushed for a moment. 'Clever and attractive...what a combination...!' She thought to herself.

He stepped closer, his hand in his pocket. "Well, I must say you're far more attractive than when I first saw you..."

She blushed brilliantly red at his well done smooth talk, and looked down at her feet, rubbing the back of her neck. "W-w-what are you doing here...?" She asked, softly.

"Well...we never really got to properly speak when you first came on business to the Crystal Empire. I figured...this was the best place to talk to the beautiful girl I met..." He smiled, handsomely.

Crystal Gaze almost couldn't speak. She suddenly felt flooded with shock and anxiety. The PRINCE. The alicorn prince of the crystal empire was coming to flirt with HER. How did she ever get into such a situation?!

Stargazer gave a small chuckle. "I'm sorry if I startled you." He said, kindly.

She immediately looked up, and quickly shook her head. "N-no, y-you're fine! I-I just didn't expect the prince to come and talk to someone like me..."

He blinked, and looked to her in confusion. "What do you mean? Why wouldn't I want to talk to you?"

She looked down, rubbing the back of her neck. "W-well...I'm...just a plain, normal, not even plain...I'm a..."

He sighed, slightly. "A monster...?" He asked.

Crystal Gaze felt as though her heart had been stabbed hearing him say it out loud. "Yes..." She murmured, running her tongue against her pointed teeth, and touching her pointed ears.

He looked at her. "Shut up."

She looked to him again, confused and startled. "W-wha-?"

"Shut. up." He said, firmly. Suddenly, he quickly backed her against a wall, and put a hand beside her head. "You are a beautiful, intelligent, unique person. You're different from every other girl in Equestria. You're not normal, but who is? Everyone's different, everyone has their insecurities. But you're not a monster, you're an incredible, powerful, confident girl, and that's something I love about you. I love your strength and the lack of fucks you give when people are trying to mess with you or your family or friends. You kick ass,'re just...incredible." He smiled sweetly.

Crystal Gaze had no words, and suddenly, he tilted her head up, holding her chin, and smirking sweetly. "And whether you like it or not, I'm going to ask you to go to the movies with me."

She went brilliantly red, and gave a shy little smile. "Y-yeah...! Th-that sounds...a-awesome..!"

He grinned. "Great! I'll call you later, and we can talk about what movie, and when we're going to go." He wrote his number down, slipped it into her hand, and kissed her cheek, before leaving the shop.

Crystal Gaze leaned against the wall, holding his number, staring at the door. "W-what...what just...happened?"


Soooooooo I was actually going to post this a long time ago, and totally forgot about it. XD
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